Temcoin is a peer-to-peer crypto-currency that enables instant,
near-zero cost payments to anyone in the World.
Temcoin is a global payment network that is fully decentralized without any central authorities.
Temcoin is a new way to develop cryptocurrencies.
It is a community based and evolving technology.
TEM users contribute to the development using their votes.
Temcoin was created by the TEM Foundation.

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Why Temcoin?

Temcoin is using Proof-of-Work (POW) protocol in order to generate new coins at every block creation and keep the network secure. Miners are processing transactions and are cotinuously updating the blockchain in which every transactions are listed. Everyone can become a node and start mining in order to contribute to the network and get rewards. Temcoin Network is based on Litecoin, which is also similar to Bitcoin.
The Temcoin Network is the first step for creating the fastest, most secure and most reliable cryptocurrency on the market. It will be entiresly mined in the next 24 months (2 years) allowing it to pass to the TemPlus Platform, the limited amount of TEM will regulate the platform and will be improved with the Proof-of-Stake protocol. TEMs will be stacked. The TemPlus Platform will be able to support decentralized applications developed from people all over the world. This step is crucial for the development of the community which is the basis of Temcoin and will require less ressources for the TemPlus Network.

Technical Details

Algorithm: Scrypt
Maximum Supply: 25 000 000 Temcoins
Block time: 30 Seconds
Coinbase maturity: 215 Blocks
Daily block creation: 2880 Blocks
Block reward: 20 Temcoins
Halving: Double stage from 10 to 20 and from 8 to 4
Premine: 6 200 000 Temcoins

Temcoins are freely distributed every two-weeks, join the community and get yours!

Status: On going


Remaining coins: 3 950 000 TEM - Next distribution: 20 000 TEM

Members: 4 (updated daily) - Estimated per member: 5 000 TEM

Next distribution: 14/Feb/2018

Temcoin supply

The first blocks will contain a big part of the total supply, the first reward beginning at 10 Temcoins. It will slowly drop to 4 using a two stage halving.


In order to start the project, a part of the maximum supply will be pre-mined and a distribution will freely give Temcoins to everyone who want’s to discover, to use this blockchain technology.

How to apply

Temcoin distribution is based on Bitcointalk accounts (bitcointalk.org) and signature campaigns.
Minimum required rank is Jr. Member, a higher rank means a higher portion of the distribution.

To participate to the distribution you must follow these following three steps:

1 - Change account signature with specific signatures (see below)

2 - Register on the tem-project.org/register with bitcointalk user id found on the profile page.
Find your user ID in the URL of your profile page: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=XXXXXXX (in red)

3 - Post at least 5 times on Bitcointalk in a week (this will decrease in the next distributions)

Note that this process is used to get a bigger and stronger community that is why accounts spamming threads will be rejected from the distribution.

Several conditions will apply to the distribution:
- users who doesn't post 5 times will be rejected from the distribution but not from the airdrop.
- users who change or delete their signatures will be also rejected.
- rejected users can one more time apply to a next distribution but if not a third time.

Distribution will take place every week starting on 07/Feb/2018 until 18/Jul/2018. The distributed amount will increase with number of distribution. Every rank will have a factor which will lead to a higher amount of coins: a higher rank means a higher portion of the distributed coins.
Equation: (Amount)/Sum(numbers participants * factor)


To get free aidrop register without adding the specific signature. You will get 5 Temcoins only one time. Newbie accounts cannot participate to the airdop.


Use the following codes to update your signatures!

Jr. Member (factor 1)

Member (factor 1.2)

Full Member (factor 1.4)

Sr. Member (factor 1.6)

Hero Member or Legendary (factor 2)

Roadmap and distribution amounts

The roadmap is the base, it will be weekly updated and check. Note that sometimes it can't be ready at time so dates may slightly change.

2/7/2018 20,000 Start Distribution
2/14/2018 20,000 Bounties for Distribution
2/21/2018 25,000 Social Networks, Facebook and Telegram
2/28/2018 50,000 Block Explorer
3/7/2018 75,000 TemPlus Network webpage and presentation
3/14/2018 100,000 Website Update: additional details on post-distribution
3/21/2018 100,000
3/28/2018 100,000
4/4/2018 150,000 Web Wallet
4/11/2018 150,000
4/18/2018 150,000
4/25/2018 200,000 Temcoin on exchanges
5/2/2018 200,000
5/9/2018 200,000
5/16/2018 200,000 The TEM Foundation website
5/23/2018 200,000
5/30/2018 250,000
6/6/2018 250,000 Mobile Wallet
6/13/2018 250,000
6/20/2018 250,000
6/27/2018 250,000 Website Update
7/4/2018 250,000
7/11/2018 250,000
7/18/2018 250,000 End Distribution
Sub-Total 3,950,000
Airdrop 50,000
Total distributed 4,000,000


We've set up a temporary mining pool using cgminer: see tutorial.

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